3D Scanning

We make 3D scans of any object. You bring along the object, and we will provide you within a tight turnaround time the 3D scan that can be imported directly into a large number of CAD or polygonal model viewers. The scanning technology is transversal and can be used in various sectors, from design to industry, digitization and inventory of cultural heritage.

3D scanning with blue light technology and recognition of the morphology of the object is a structured light scanning method that offers a high-resolution polygonal model of the acquired object, allowing highly accurate and certifiable 3D measurements with ad hoc reports. This model is also a good base for reverse engineering.

scansioni 3D

The blue light overrides the problems of the previous generation of structured light optical scanners with white light.

Surfaces that cannot be scanned because they are black or reflective can now be acquired without any surface treatment. Moreover, thanks to the new function of object morphology recognition, the use of markers is minimized.

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